Aquafereion Activation

Aquafereion Activation


This set is an activation to the high frequencies of Aquafereion Universe. This universe holds rare Aqua-Plasma energy with Water Beings (beings made of water). The Quantum Light Codes were channeled in line with own universal origins from Aquafererion, also generated Naïad Lights and Water Fairies/ Aqua Devas Elemental Codes/ Lemurian Dolphins vibrations. Andara Crystals will open up your channels to Aquafereion’s energies, one of our Cosmic Crystals was placed in water to activate as you can do too!

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This Activation Set is offered in form of 12 printed photographs and 3 videos.


Activate from connecting to the codes and visusl vortexes we channeled from our own Aquafereion Star DNA.