Lemurian Mermaid Andara

Lemurian Mermaid Andara


This set is from Ni U Ra, a multidimensional Mermaid, a beautiful AquaFae SeaSun Mermaid Plasma Activation from the Aquafereion Universe Cosmic Plasma Waters which has come to Earth for the co-creation of New Lemuria on New Earth. Dolphins frequencies and Water Fairies are fully part of this tonal harmony Andara Crystal Jewel, filled with Pure New Earth energy tones: turquoise/ aqua blue & clear green.

The Andara Crystal hanger is seafoam with pure New Earth/ New Lemuria colored lights, with a little touch of Golden Ray, as New Earth energy core glows Gold too. Golden Ray will greatly sparkle under the Sun and infuse High Source Frequency.

Some special Crystalline Sonic Light Language and Quantum Healing Water Codes have been input by Ni U Ra & our Body Crystalline Transmitter for you to embody them.

The seafoam bubbles like gaz in water/ droplets inside a water drop, is genuine cosmic plasma gaz embodied in the Andara Crystal.

The hanger chain and jewel are made with plated gold and it’s 45 to 50cm long (with an extension).

Are you ready to become an entire ocean in a water drop?

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This set is Ni U Râ AquaFae SeaSun Mermaid Plasma Activation, from the Aquafereion Universe cosmic plasma Waters.