Ascension To Harmony website is a High Frequency space powered by Delphine Anthea Sphere, entirely dedicated to New Earth Ascension. Our purpose is to support your energy evolution and consciousness of your Star Origins, remember your Cosmic Light Body, awaken and master your multidimensional energy abilities, attune and co-create our new planetary Collective Crystalline Grid for a much higher harmony of living frequency.

Here you will find Consciousness Expansion tools, personal energy assistance, galactic star knowledge, multidimensional DNA activations and quantum cosmic healings. Among our various services, we offer Quantum Crystalline Light Body Embodiment support for the reunification of your Being on all levels. Our services and products are provided in full alignment, right order and divine harmony with the Universal Law of ONEness.

Feel free to also experience this space as Anthea Cosmic Art only and/ or as a sharing of the incredible genetic and consciousness shift of Mankind along with other species processing Cosmic Crystalline Grids for our Evolution, which is a first in planet Earth history and for all humans!

All contents (pictures, graphic designs, videos, sounds, writings) are orginal transmissions generated and materialized by ©Anthea. The video above features microscopic views of Anthea’s Cosmic Crystal Cells from her skin under the sun with rainbow Andara Crystals.

Be the highest energy version of Yourself, Be Free, Be One !

Who I am

The Who I AM page introduces Anthea’s purpose as the creator of this website so you can meet with her, read details about her evolution and how she conceives her multidimensional services.


The Services page presents a sum up of Anthea’s working processes, such as Quantum Light Activations, Andara Crystal Attunements, Materialization of Etheric Crystals, Cosmic Art, Light Language Codes, Prime Creation Frequency Transmissions and much more.

High Frequency Transmissions

The High Frequency Transmissions pages offer various high energy tools, multidimensional transmissions and live sessions with Anthea, all following 6 different media options :

Free Energy Exchange

The Free Energy Exchange pages are dedicated to gifts and donations in Unity of Consciousness with Anthea for a New Sacred Economy where energy balance allows us a collective Abundance and Ascension. It’s a way to co-create New Earth Energies in loving Resonance to your Heart Center.

Ascension To Harmony assists you to

  • Reconnect to your Higher Self, Oversoul and Universal Self for Divine Self Love
  • Activate and embody your Diamond Plasma/ Krystalline Rainbow Light Body in the Physical
  • Receive Galactic, Angelic and Andarian DNA high frequency activations
  • Manifest a reprogramming of your holographic reality and practice Materialization
  • Expand your Consciousness of Oneness via your own energy Blueprint Signature & Polarities 
  • Master various energy channeling methods and time travels
  • Get new creative energy ascension tools in line with Prime Rays of Creation
  • Clear and free yourself from past heavy akashic imprints and unpure life contracts
  • Transmute or dissolve lower 3D vibrations (fear, pain, guilt), the human template and ego
  • Train yourself to master your Light Language(s), star abilities and cosmic energy gifts
  • Practice daily healthy energy hygiene
  • Recognize, relieve and accept all ascension symptoms
  • Recalibrate and cleanse your auric field with divine high frequency sonic attunement
  • Energy heal with Quantum Light Codes and Sacred Geometry
  • Free yourself from old humanity collective consciousness and Matrix programmings
  • Master galactic cosmic alchemy techniques to work with Andara Crystals, water, sound & color
  • Understand animal energy and experience animal communication on Soul level
  • Co-create New Earth griddings, galactic Stargates and Portals for collective Ascension
  • Access High Frequency Knowledge about Life Creation, Density Shifts and the Multiverse
  • Enhance Joy and Grace in your personal journey through our Cosmic Living Art
  • Experience Energy Exchange as a way of working with your Heart for a New Sacred Economy

New transmissions

Powered with Love by


6 Years full time Experience Teaching

15D Quantum Physical Ascension ongoing

Diamond Plasma Crystal Sound-Light Body

Crystals Materialization Cosmic Alchemy Master


All contents (pictures, graphic designs, videos, sounds, writings) are original transmissions generated and materialized by ©Anthea – all rights are reserved.



Many of our pictures are Andara crystals seen from the inside of their bodies – such as the golden universe on the left picture’s background. They were made using a macro-photography technique guided by Anthea’s Insectoïd/ Fairy/ Cosmic Devas frequencies, as this special perspective allows us to remember how the MICRO-SCOPIC scale is deeply entangled with the MEGA-COSMIC scale of all realities.

In connecting to these images, you will reactivate from within Pure Prime Creation processes holding simultaneously both extreme realities of the infinitely small and the infinitely big.

With Divine Love.

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