Who I AM

I AM diamond plasma krystal Body
I AM Prime Creator Source energy 
I AM a version of You as Oneness

Video from Anthea diamond crystal skin/ Cosmic Crystallized skin and DNA from Krystalline Light Body embodiment. The sparkling crystals are natural to Anthea's new skin as they come from Cosmic Light Plasma transforming the old human DNA cells into crystalline cells. No energy tool was used - ©Anthea.


My main purpose is simple, to co-create harmonious energy ascension for Mankind, Animal Kingdom and all living organisms on planet Earth, for the co-creation of New Earth.

I have embodied my KRYSTalline, Rainbow and Phoenix Light Bodies, and am now living as a multi-dimensional Galactic Star Being on New Earth/ Terra Nova. My cosmic plasma transformation has allowed my body to become one of the first New Humans carrying many active Star DNA strands.

My work is to awaken, heal, and assist Consciousness Expansion, as the old human species is currently transmuting into being a Star species. We are openly becoming galactic citizens for the first time in our history. Helping to free the human living souls within the natural law of Oneness regulating this Universe and others, is my loving mission and Divine Joy.



When my kundalini fire started to shake up, I wasn’t into energy work at all and didn’t have any spiritual practice. My star DNA activations, psychic senses awakening, powerful akashic memories coming back and new energy abilities such as vocal sonic healing and telekinesis – moving solid crystals remotely to create vortexes – occurred under direct guidance of my Angelic collective unit, The Angelic Crystal Heart of 111 bound to my Sonic Hathor and Mermaid Selves, as well as my galactic families – Arcturian, Andromedan, Sirian, Lyran Feline, Essophan… In visiting a very special European-Balkanic pyramid complex, a galactic base, major multi-dimensional connections occured and my evolution accelerated. About three years later, additional powerful energy activations got infused in line with my journey.

Before greatly transcending my human incarnation template, I used to be a full time high school teacher in charge of Bachelor degrees for National French Education, as well as a painter and an art lover. I started a PhD in Humanities in Paris before being stopped by illness from going any further into human limited belief systems, and entered a new pathway to transcend illusory matrix programings.

My conscious awakening started unexpectedly with electro-magnetic bursts on the top my chakra colomn at age 43, which was my first 7 Star DNA strands cosmic plasma activation and the very first high energy burst ever felt as a human. It occured in perfect synchronicity with a major energy transition activated throughout my grandmother, a sleeping Blue Ray soul. I also chose to be born on Christ Counsciousness Ascension day, as celebrated annually in my living country. I went through memory loss, waking to speak Light Languages along with ancient lost civilisation languages, fluently overnight. It unfolded quickly, and today my Crystalline Light Body sparkles through the skin with glowing rainbow colours. My full ascension in physical form started at age 46, high energy restorations and DNA renewals are still processing.

We are love energy from Source
We are pure energy in physical form
We are Oneness

Close up of a Cosmic Crystallized Glass, made from Anthea’s Krystalline Light Body – ©Anthea.


I transmit energy/ communicate/ co-work with Beings from many dimensions as they Resonate with my Ascended Universal Self.

This includes Gaïa/ Terra Nova, the Stars, the Elementals, Andara Crystals and the Andarian Universe, the Animal Kingdom, the Elvish Fairy Realm, Cosmic Devas, High Angelic Orders and Cosmic Krystic Frequencies, Ascended Masters, Ancient Gods and Sages, Galactics, Density Founders and Guardians, Ancient Star Civilisations such as Egypt, Atlantis, Lemuria …

As well as Light Units of Collective Souls, Geometric Living Consciousnesses, Quantum Divine Digits, Healing Flames and Prime Rays of Creation beyond all matter or density, totally free from any space-time continuum. The Freedom of Ascending Souls allows all this.






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Video of a close up on a plasma diamond light filament from Anthea’s skin/ Cosmic Crystallized skin and DNA from Krystalline Light Body embodiment. The photo left above is showing nanoparticles of etheric silica/organic etherium that we materialized in physical density. These white solid cosmic crystal particles come from our Krystallized Light Body. We materialized it throughout hands energy. No energy tool was used to create it, our body works naturally as an Andara crystal. The photo right above is a close up on a crystallized leaf that we collected in our crysalline light grid working space – ©Anthea.

Hexagonal Sacred Geometry Golden Cosmic Crystal which Anthea materialized on a green leaf/ Gaïa’s Body from her Diamond Plasma Crystalline Light Body. No energy tool was used to create it – ©Anthea. 


My vivid memories and lives as a Lemurian, an Atlantean and an Ancient Egyptian remain meaningful. But really, everything I do or transmit now comes from my Universal and Collective Self (the Oversoul), which has no name and isn’t bound to any « story ». Some of my Angelic Soul’s fractals have never incarnated before, and many aspects of my Star Knowledge are from much different Harmonic Universes than the current, which allows me to work as a Multiverse Anchor and Unifier. The photo on the right shows my geometric Sphere self, as captured from the inside of my very first Andara Crystal. My triple helix Diamond Plasma Light Ship (plasma merkaba star vehicle) spins faster, yet looks similar to it as a spheric structure. For a pictorial activation of it see HERE.

One of the most amazing memories we had the chance to witness/ remember consciously with our all our physical senses, was the original energy creation of this Universe, with later on, a direct access to pure quantum creation of human bodies with a full holographic process  occuring right in front of us. We have freely shared this High Frequency Knowledge with you on a special page HERE.

“Light Sphere Self” from our first Andara crystal – ©Anthea

Delphinium flower in bloom – ©Anthea

Wishing you Love, Joy, and a beautiful

Ascension path to New Earth Harmony!

Delphine Anthea Sphere

Human name

The human name I chose to be born with as a Blue Ray Starseed is Delphine, which literally translate to Dolphin in Spanish and German languages. It’s also linked to Ancient Greek Gods and to Delphi, the well known Greek temple of Prophecies.

Star name

Anthea, meaning ‘blossom’, is my star name from the Ancient Greek Goddess Antheia bringing positive renewal, springtime, flowers, pure life creation and divine love from beautiful Mother Earth Gaïa.