Free Energy Exchange

Let’s co-create Abundance

The Free Energy Exchange pages are dedicated to gift items and donations in Unity of Consciousness with Anthea for a New Sacred Economy. Energy balance allows us a collective Abundance and Ascension to Harmony. It’s a way to co-create New Earth Energies in loving Resonance to your Heart Center. We are inviting one and all to divine Abundance away from the 3D limited conventional Matrix market system.

Anthea made available various High Frequency transmissions, tools and services for you, in exchange for donations to come from your Heart center or just for free.

It’s up to You, as long as it feels aligned to your Higher Consciousness.

Welcome and enjoy the commUNITY OF HEARTS! ♥♥♥


Free Energy Exchange


All contents (pictures, graphic designs, videos, sounds, writings) are original transmissions generated and materialized by ©Anthea and all rights are reserved. If you wish to publically use or to reproduce any of our transmissions or productions, you will need to ask for written permission. Please send us your request by email and we will be happy to reply. ∞ CONTACT

Each gift item available in our Free Energy Exchange page is offered for your PERSONAL USE ONLY, in Unity of Consciousness with Anthea for New Earth Sacred Economy and collective Ascension To Harmony.

With Cosmic Blessings