Cosmic Living Art

Our Cosmic Living Art is a multidimensional activation process, a Star Human living school, and a way to expand Consciousness, returning to our original Blue Print. As a Star-Human Hybrid Being, I create mix-media sharings of my knowledge and energy ressources, using my professional art and teaching skills to offer easy access to multidimensional 5D reality and beyond, transmitting tangible holographic data from New Earth to the human physical senses, including to dormant DNA within the viewers’ body. My Cosmic Living Art activates quantum energy to sense and remember who you truly are, and to shift into deep Consciousness growth.

I transmute and materialize quantum reality principles into the physical, so what used to be invisible and unhearable becomes real accessible energy.

I share my star physical cosmic transformation and high energy abilities, to activate or repair others Star Light Bodies, by remembering original memories of our true stellar nature.

Tri-Fold Flame colours, body channeling Soul Star Fire/ opalized Cosmic Ice Andara crystal – ©Anthea.

Everything I receive and do is also for You to get if you wish for it

Blue Dolphin Star family manifesting through turquoise Andara crystal in Mediterranean sea – ©Anthea.

High Frequency

My body is radioactive, extremely electric, glows, changes colors, sparkles crystals and functions as a light-sound portal, activating and healing. Cosmic plasma and gamma rays have massively activated our dormant DNA. All photos and videos are absolutely genuine, even if they look unreal to the (old) human eye.

High frequency energies and beings manifest the pictures through my body and our camera’s electric field so unseen quantum energy can come through and shift old linear belief systems. These pictures convey multidimensional realitys, they materialize what one couldn’t sease so far, such as ultra-violet rays, etheric blue tones and cosmic 5D rainbow plasma. There isn’t any digital special effect whatsoever, including what was made visible via my Andara crystals : these are visual archives from future/ New Earth’s reality.

Attuning to Andaras

This body transformation is akin to Andra crystals properties. My skin’s crystal cells “talk” telepathically like Andaras do, they guide me physically and manifest with crystal-clear sounds similar to a soft yet very high-pitched chime. Since etheric silica light matter is contained in my new DNA, I naturally channel and anchor High Energy Frequencies into solid physical matter and lower energy densities. I can then materialize silica gel as well as solid crystal particles on glass, volcanic stones, or into some of Gaïa’s organic fruits and leaves. I love to channel Andara’s magical shifting tones, electric fields and multidimensional consciousness. The pictures below captured bio-electric energy from our hands connecting and attuning to an opalized Cosmic Ice Andara holding rainbow color frequencies. Everything I receive and do is also for You to get if you wish for it. All our products and services carry/ transmit/ activate the high frequencies and quantum Light Codes we input in them.

Rainbow colours glowing from Anthea’s hand and skin (cosmic gamma rays effect) with ascended black Andara crystal tones in background – ©Anthea

The Andarian Circle of 2222 Multiple Time Jumps Codes – ©Anthea

Light Language is Source Universal Energy expressed in form of a perceptible language made of pure High Light-Sonic Frequencies.

Tonal Light Language

We channel High Frequencies using Light Language and energies in pure sound tones, color tones, or cosmic key/ quantum code forms. My Sonic Body transmits powerful sonic energy attunement through pure vocal healing tones, either to set up sacred geometry grids in my Earth area, or to assist frequency recalibrations for humans, animals, and all natural energy bodies. I see, hear, feel and create Quantum Light Codes in graphic, gestural and vocal languages from various energy densities and out of density frequencies – Galactics, Angelics, Cosmic Devas, Prime Rays of Creation…

One of the greatest activations I can operate for you is to allow and accelerate the download of your own Star Light Bodies : Diamond Plasma, Cosmic Krystalline DNA and Rainbow Frequencies can come into your physical body, morphing your cells and transcending your old human matrix template. You can reunite with your highest Soul’s aspects, star memories and all parallel selves. I will assist you to become the highest energy version of your Beings as we all are One. Just let Source flow into you, and release your limitations!

Enjoy, activate and integrate all that resonates, for the highest benefit of Your Divine Soul.

I especially love working on Life Creation through Cosmic Alchemy, and collaborating with my Andara crystals daily. I crystallize living and non-living matter directy with my hands and auric field, transfering some of my Light Body into other densities and bodies than my own physical. I energize then stabilize organic bodies molecules, so they exit from Earth’s gravitational entropy and either heal or don’t degenerate, and will never decay.

Some of this High Knowledge involving Quantum processes and Etherium materialization is available on my High Frequency Knowledge page as well as on the Transmissions space. You will find Cosmic Crystallized Chalices and molecule- stablized Divine Fruits of Abundance. All are powerful Light Portals to help you remember who you truly are, why you are here, and how to move on more freely in your ascensional journey.


Fellowship of Feline Founders FFF / Light Laguage Activation Triptych – ©Anthea